Bible Conference: March 2-4, 2018

Please join us for our upcoming Bible study conference. This year we will be studying Assembly Truth. This coming conference the format is different from our previous conferences, with three Bible study sessions on Saturday as usual and then two ministry sessions on Sunday. The invited speakers are John Meekin (Nova Scotia, Canada) and Michael Penfold (England). The outline of the topic is linked below.



7:30 p.m.: Prayer Meeting (Ministry - J. Meekin)


10:00-12:00: Bible Study: Origin (M. Penfold)

1:30-3:00: Bible Study: Headship (J. Meekin)

3:30-5:00: Bible Study: Leadership (M. Penfold)

6:45: Gospel Meeting

8:15: Sing


10:30-12:00: Breaking of Bread

1:30-3:00: Ministry (M. Penfold, J. Meekin)

3:30-5:00: Ministry (M. Penfold, J. Meekin)

6:30: Gospel Meeting


Conference Topic Outline (Click)